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We have just completed our first ever direct response marketing campaign. A friend put me on to Mick Kenny so I decided to give it a go.

Right from the start Mick was very professional and thorough in everything he did. From the first interview in which Mick got some background to our business and my philosophy of doing business down to the specifics of what we wanted to achieve from the campaign.

The three letters Mick produced focused in on the ideas we had discussed during that first meeting and brought those points out very well. We had some suggestions for minor changes and Mick was very happy to make the adjustments we suggested.

The actual direct response campaign has been very successful with a 20% positive response and uptake. Several of our clients actually contacted us to comment on the quality and professionalism of the letters we sent out.

Some of our friends told us the letters were too long and that no-one would read them. The results, 20% uptake, would suggest otherwise.

The way in which Mick structured the letters will allow us to repeat the campaign to other sections of our client database.

In addition we are currently in the process of rolling out a referral system based on the system we purchased from Mick.

Once again thanks Mick! We are very pleased with the results we have obtained thus far and impressed by the work you have done for us.

Eric King, Kingsway Computers, Gympie



Mick Kenny
Accelerated Business Marketing
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"We Coach, Consult and Strategise with our Clients Direct Response Marketing to their Ideal Niche for Maximum Profits"

Mick Kenny is the most sought after direct response marketing copywriter and consultant for small and medium sized businesses on the Sunshine Coast. He is famous for creating attention grabbing promotions and campaigns that skyrocket leads and sales directed at a targeted niche.